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About TUG
    The Untitled Game (otherwise known as TUG) is an innovative multiplayer open-world sandbox RPG which sits at the crossroads where survival sandbox and multiplayer RPG’s meet, offering both elegant simplicity and a world of complex secrets for those who desire to seek them out. From freezing snow capped mountains to dark dreary caves, TUG offers a massive procedurally-generated world to explore, full of mystery and danger -- but what makes TUG truly unique is its ability to help the developers learn what the players enjoy about the game, and to use their interactions to make an amazing world even better.

    TUG is currently being developed by Nerd Kingdom and is considered to be in a pre-alpha development stage. The project draws inspiration from fun, accessible games the developers love such as Minecraft, Fable, Animal Crossing, and Zelda, as well as games that feature deeply complex worlds, including Eve Online, Monster Hunter, and Dwarf Fortress.

    The Untitled Game is considered to be in a very early alpha phase, and is available for purchase on Steam. TUG is currently priced at $20 per copy due to the unfinished nature of the game. Nerd Kingdom plans to raise the price every couple of months or so as they add new features, systems, and elements to the game. Any purchase of TUG includes all future updates, including the full game at launch.

Updates, news and events

January 30, 2015

• Alpha version 0.8.2 released: Adjustments, bug fixes, repairable Stone Age tools (Patch notes)

January 22, 2015

• Alpha version 0.8.1 released: Huge changes and revamping of multiplayer, terrain, and much more! (Patch notes)

September 16, 2014

• Alpha version 0.6.5 released: Mining, Metallurgy, Bronze tools, and a "little surprise". (Patch notes)

February 6, 2014

• Steam has officially announced that TUG has been successfully greenlit.

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