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An example of what a Seed looks like (concept art)

Characters in TUG are called Seeds. Seeds feature a blue gem embedded in the back of their left hands. Player-controlled Seeds start as children, later maturing through adolescence to adulthood. Through their lifetime, Seeds acquire physical features and attributes depending on their consumption. For example, a Seed who eats lots of food will end up becoming that much heavier, whereas a Seed who doesn't eat will be visually slimmer. Depending on how old the seed is, they can also equip different pieces of clothing.

Character Development[edit]

Customization of seed appearance is randomized however there are plans to give players more control over this.


A child on his hunting trip (concept art)

Seeds aging currently relates to how much they've experienced. In order to grow up, the Seed must craft, hunt and eat; All of which grant experience. For the moment, dying simply respawns the seed at the same age. There are plans to change this.