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Alchemy is the Crafting specialty that allows you to use your seed's energy to transform items.

In a standard crafting recipe, you use your hand or a tool to modify items, for example, holding a knife lets you carve an Animal Hide into Leather Strips. Very little of your seed's energy is spent. In an alchemical recipe, however, a great deal of your seed's energy is lost when the item is transformed. Sometimes, magical items like Crystal Shards are also required to add energy to the transformation.

If your seed doesn't have enough energy to perform the transmutation, nothing will happen.


Alchemy requires specialized crafting workspaces:


Material Transmutation[edit]

By use of transmutation, you can gain other resources from extras. Transmutations are done on one of the three alchemy worktables, and also require energy to be done.

Irreversible Transmutations[edit]

Once one of these materials has been transmuted into a second, the first material is lost and cannot be recovered.

Single Transmutations
1 Cane Shaft 1 Bamboo Shaft
1 Axe Rock 1 Sword Rock
8 Pebbles 1 Cobblestone
10 Pebbles 1 Axe Rock, 1 Hammer Rock, and 1 Pick Rock
1 Large Leaf 1 Vine

Reversible Transmutations[edit]

In reversible transmutations, one material can be changed into another, and then back again.

Mutual Transmutations
1 Wood Shaft 2 Wood Handles
1 Chopped Wood 8 Wood Planks
1 Wood Branch 8 Stacked Wood


Most craftable items and materials require a minimum level of technology to create. You can sometimes bypass a technological step by using Alchemy: spending your energy and a magical ingredient to upgrade the item. Currently, Alchemy allows you to make these upgraded items:

New items[edit]

Sometimes, Alchemy allows you to create entirely new objects, ones that cannot exist otherwise.

Item Alchemy Recipe
Cabbage Trap Seed
Cabbage Trap Seed.png
Ingredients:Workspace: Alchemy Table

Fireball Neuria Gauntlet
Fireball Neuria Gauntlet.png
Ingredients:Workspace: Alchemy Table

Ice Blast Neuria Gauntlet
Ice Blast Neuria Gauntlet.png
Ingredients:Workspace: Alchemy Table

Return Stone
Return Stone (ready).png
Ingredients:Workspace: Alchemy Table