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Apothecary is the Crafting specialty that allows you to refine ingredients and brew potions.



Some potions can be consumed, affecting your stats, others need to be applied to objects.

All potions contain several doses. Once all doses have been used, you are left with an empty flask that you can reuse.

Potion Name Target Positively Affects
Speed Potion
Speed Potion inventory.png
Self Speed

Health Potion
Health Potion inventory.png
Self Health

Fuel Potion
Fuel Potion inventory.png
Self Energy

Durability Potion
Durability Potion inventory.png
Tools Item Durability

Plant Growth Potion
Plant Growth Potion inventory.png
Vine (plant), Tree Plant Growth Speed

How to brew potions[edit]


  1. Set up your apothecary workspaces
  2. Gather, refine, or craft your ingredients
  3. Create a Gourd Flask to hold the potion
  4. Brew the potion
  5. Use the potion


Place the flask and the ingredient(s) into or under the cauldron. Make sure the Campfire is burning, then press G to start crafting.

Potion Use[edit]

Equip the potion in your hand. If it is consumable, left-click to drink one dose. If it is used on objects, hover your cursor over that object, then right-click to apply one dose.

Refining Ingredients[edit]

To refine (mill, crush, or grind) a raw ingredient into powder, put the ingredient on a Flat Rock, along with a Hammer Rock tool which will not be consumed. Press G to craft.