Bronze Age

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Bronze Age technology requires Metallurgy skills and knowledge and therefore produces more sophisticated tools and weapons that are twice as durable and deal greater amounts of damage than Stone Age tools and weapons. In addition they can be repaired using a Stone Anvil and a Bronze Hammer. Bronze Age technology was introduced in the alpha 0.6.5 release.

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Bronze Age Tools[edit]

Tool Type
Bronze Axe
Bronze Axe.png

Bronze Chisel
Bronze Chisel.png

Bronze Hammer
Bronze Hammer.png

Bronze Hoe
Bronze Hoe.png

Bronze Knife
Bronze Knife.png

Bronze Pick
Bronze Pick.png

Bronze Scythe
Bronze Scythe.png

Bronze Shovel
Bronze Shovel.png

Bronze Spade
Bronze Spade.png

Bronze Trowel
Bronze Trowel.png

Bronze Age Weapons[edit]

Weapon Type
Bronze Bardiche
Bronze Axe Pike.png
Blade Weapon

Bronze Cudgel
Bronze Cudgel.png
Blunt Weapon

Bronze Fauchard
Bronze Fauchard.png
Thrown Weapon

Bronze Guandao
Bronze Guandao.png
Thrown Weapon

Bronze Knife
Bronze Knife.png
Blade Weapon

Bronze Knobkerry
Bronze Knobkerry.png
Blunt Weapon

Bronze Lucerne
Bronze Lucerne.png
Blunt Weapon

Bronze Spear
Bronze Spear.png
Thrown Weapon

Bronze Sword
Bronze Sword.png
Blade Weapon

Fireball Neuria Gauntlet
Fireball Neuria Gauntlet.png
Projectile Weapon

Ice Blast Neuria Gauntlet
Ice Blast Neuria Gauntlet.png
Projectile Weapon

Bronze Age Crafting Workspaces[edit]

Primary article: Crafting Workspace


New Natural Resources and Foods (both poisonous and beneficial) that can be harvested with Bronze Age technology:


New terrain blocks that can be broken with Bronze Age technology: (none)


New crafting recipes: