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Every object and material can be used, combined or modified in some way. Crafting usually about combinations of objects to make tools and weapons.

By way of example, making a crude hammer requires you to combine a hammer rock, vines and a forked stick. As the crude hammer is used, modifying it's durability via repairing is about combining the crude hammer with some pebbles.

There are a number of subcategories crafting:

  • Alchemy - using the seed's energy to transmute one item into another
  • Apothecary - refining crafting ingredients and brewing potions.
  • Cooking - create better foods.
  • Metallurgy - create things with ore obtained from mining.

How To Craft[edit]

Most commonly, dropping the components of a craft and pressing the craft button (default G) will initiate the craft. Not all combinations of components will make something, so if the crafting bar doesn't show up, something's not quite right.

Some recipes require some of the components to be placed via z placement. An example of this is the fire-pit which requires the flat rock component to be z placed.

Moving will cancel any craft, which is useful when the game chooses to make a undesired recipe you don't want. This can be because crafting is based on components within a proximity. That means that even if you cannot see them, i.e. components on the other side of a wall or in a hole, are considered for the craft.