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Items that are used in Crafting recipes. (See the list of all Crafting Recipes.)

Harvested Materials[edit]

(Both Foods and Natural Resources.)

Resource Source Required Tech Level Crafting Uses Alchemy Uses
Amethyst Shard Amethyst Crystal Bronze Age (no recipes)
Animal Hide Cat, Goat Stone Age (no recipes)
Animal Horn Goat Stone Age (no recipes)
Apple Apple Tree Scavenging (no recipes)
Apple Seeds Apple Scavenging (no recipes)
Axe Rock Large Rock, Axe Rock Source, Large Boulder Found Tools
Bamboo Shaft Bamboo Tree, Bamboo Stalk Scavenging
Berry Berry Bush Scavenging (no recipes)
Black Rock Ancient Stone Table, Ancient Wood Table Bronze Age (no recipes)
Bluebonnets (ground) Bluebonnets (ground) Stone Age (no recipes)
Cabbage Pod Wild Cabbage Trap Found Tools (no recipes)
Cactus Chunk Saguaro Cactus Found Tools (no recipes)
Cane Shaft Young Cane Stalk Found Tools
Cherry Cherry Tree Scavenging (no recipes)
Cherry Seeds Cherry Scavenging (no recipes)
Chopped Wood Tree Log Found Tools
Clay Cracked Clay, Clay Stone Age (no recipes)
Clay Brick Clay Brick Bronze Age (no recipes)
Coal Campfire, Ore-Bearing Stone Block Found Tools (no recipes)
Cobblestone Large Rock, Axe Rock Source, Cliff Rock, Hammer Rock Source, Pick Rock Source, Large Boulder, Stone Block, Cobblestone, Surface Rock Found Tools
Copper Ore Ore-Bearing Stone Block Found Tools (no recipes)
Firestone Shard Firestone Crystal Bronze Age (no recipes)
Flat Rock ground Scavenging (no recipes)
Froststone Shard Froststone Crystal Bronze Age (no recipes)
Ghost Mushroom Chunk Kinokojin, Ghost Mushroom Scavenging (no recipes)
Goat Skull Goat Stone Age (no recipes)
Gourd Gourd Vine Scavenging (no recipes)
Gourd Seeds Gourd Scavenging (no recipes)
Hammer Rock Large Rock, ground, Hammer Rock Source, Large Boulder Scavenging
Large Leaf Broad-Leaf Plant, Palm, Banana Palm Scavenging
Lotus Teeth Core Lotus Teeth Found Tools (no recipes)
Lotus Teeth Leaf Lotus Teeth Found Tools (no recipes)
Melon Melon Vine Scavenging (no recipes)
Melon Seeds Melon Scavenging (no recipes)
Orange Orange Tree Scavenging (no recipes)
Orange Daisy Petals Orange Daisy Scavenging (no recipes)
Orange Mushroom Chunk Kinokojin, Orange Mushroom Scavenging (no recipes)
Orange Seeds Orange Scavenging (no recipes)
Pebbles Large Rock, Axe Rock Source, Hammer Rock Source, Pick Rock Source, Large Boulder Found Tools
Pick Rock Large Rock, Pick Rock Source, Large Boulder Found Tools
Pink Daisy Petals Pink Daisy Scavenging (no recipes)
Pumpkin Pumpkin Vine Scavenging (no recipes)
Pumpkin Seeds Pumpkin Scavenging (no recipes)
Purple Daisy Petals Purple Daisy Scavenging (no recipes)
Raw Meat Cat, Goat, BearRam Stone Age (no recipes)
Red Daisy Petals Red Daisy Scavenging (no recipes)
Rock Blade Large Boulder Found Tools
Sand Sandstone, Sand, Desert Grass, Mesa Rock Found Tools (no recipes)
Stacked Wood Tree Log Found Tools (no recipes)
Tin Ore Ore-Bearing Stone Block Found Tools (no recipes)... further results

Crafted Materials[edit]

Resource Crafting Uses Alchemy Uses
Apple Seeds (no recipes)
Axe Rock
Bamboo Anklets
Bamboo Bracers
Bamboo Shaft
Bamboo Spear (no recipes)
Bamboo Vest
Bone Necklace
Bone Powder (no recipes)
Bronze Axe Head (no recipes)
Bronze Cudgel Head (no recipes)
Bronze Hoe Head (no recipes)
Bronze Knife Blade (no recipes)
Bronze Pick Head (no recipes)
Bronze Plated Glove (no recipes)
Bronze Shovel Head (no recipes)
Bronze Spear (no recipes)
Bronze Spear Head (no recipes)
Bronze Sword Blade (no recipes)
Cactus Club
Cage Trap Wall (no recipes)
Cherry Seeds (no recipes)
Chopped Wood
Clay Brick (no recipes)
Crude Axe
Crude Hammer
Crude Hoe
Crude Knife
Crude Pick
Crude Shovel
Crude Sword
Dye (no recipes)
Goat Skins (no recipes)
Gourd Flask (no recipes)
Gourd Seeds (no recipes)
Gourd Shell (no recipes)
Hammer Rock
Hardened Wood (no recipes)
Hardened Wood Handle (no recipes)
Hardened Wood Shaft (no recipes)
Hide Vest
Latten (no recipes)
Leaf Backpack (no recipes)
Leaf Vest
Leather Bellows (no recipes)
Leather Patch (no recipes)
Leather Strip (no recipes)
Linen Textile (no recipes)
Melon Seeds (no recipes)... further results