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As in real life, farming in TUG is a way to grow certain foods and natural resources nearly anywhere you want. Sustainable farming allows you to reproduce the natural resource as many times as you want by creating and planting more seeds.

How To Farm[edit]

  1. Acquire or create seeds
  2. Prepare the ground
  3. Plant the seeds
  4. Wait

You will need a hoe to be able to farm.

Acquire Seeds[edit]

The easiest way to get seeds for farming is to eat a piece of fruit: the piece of fruit disappears from your inventory and is replaced by its seeds. Seeds can also be extracted from the fruit on a crafting workspace.


Prepare The Ground[edit]

First, find a clear patch of tillable ground. Its location is important: seeds can only be planted at least four voxels from anything on or under the ground. (Dropped items, plants, and tree roots will all prevent successful planting.)

Then, use your hoe on the patch to turn it into Tilled Dirt, ready for planting.

Plant The Seeds[edit]

Place the seeds in your hand and right-click the tilled ground. A 'poof' animation occurs, and a small leaf or seedling will appear. If planting doesn't work, check that the tilled patch is at least a few voxels from other objects, including plants, dropped items, and even tree roots.


It takes a long period of daylight and several animations for a seedling to grow to full size and begin producing fruit. Once the plant has started producing fruit, it acts like any naturally-occurring plant, producing fruit at regular intervals during both day and night.

Cultivatable Resources[edit]

The following fruits will yield seeds and can be farmed sustainably:

You can also farm Tree and Vine products sustainably if you destroy and replant your crops:

Factors Affecting Growth[edit]

It is not yet known what things might affect plant growth or fruit production. The amount of available light has been mentioned as a likely factor, though.