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This list contains all game updates as published on the official forums since the alpha release. Undocumented changes are listed, under each update, in a section titled "notes". This section will only appear as needed.

See also: Planned features

4 November 2015[edit]

Build 0.8.7

Another big update for TUG! Let’s get right into it! There are two big changes to look for with this update the first being the loot system. We are always on the lookout for areas where we can save on performance and help out the player.

In past versions of the game, drops from items and characters were physics enabled which meant they could get lost in the terrain, slide or bounce all over the place and otherwise be a nuisance to deal with on the server as well as for players. Now loot objects are much easier to see, interact with, and much more friendly on performance. Along with this change we have also separated how you pickup and place objects. Loot can be picked up using the F key and holding the key down will attempt to pick up all loot objects near the player. To quickly drop items out of your hand, use the Q key and holding this key will drop every item in a stack. So what does this mean for placing items? We have cleaned up the placement logic too. Using the Z key will take you into placement mode and you can rotate any item and place it in any position you want in this mode. But there’s more! Items you place are now locked into place! That means no more accidentally picking up the workbench you were just crafting on! To pick up one of these new locked items, simply press and hold the F key until the item is collected.

Our other big feature is the Crafting Journal. This is ideal for looking up recipes and discovering new crafts you never knew existed! Now we know some of you like to be surprised so we’ve kept the journal as a feature you can use or ignore. But if you’re ever curious, pressing the J key will open up the journal screen where you can see your progress on crafting recipes.

You’ll find lots of other very nice feature updates in this update, so have a look over the detailed notes below to find out more!

Follow us @nerdkingdom to keep up with our progress and announcements.

Also, make sure to let us know if you run into any bugs or other issues, and if you have trouble running the game, check out our Steam forums for more details.

Check out some live streaming from our lead coder @GhostfromTexas

If you want to know when indev and release builds arrive, follow @theuntiltledgame

Patch 0.8.7

New Features[edit]

Updated loot drop system

Loot drop objects will appear when harvesting resources or dropping certain items. These will show up floating slightly above the ground with a white sparkly effect.

Pick up has been separated into its own key; ‘f’ by default.

Crafting will, for the most part, require the loot drop version of the object. The exceptions are crafting tables used for recipes, and the flat rock needed for a fire pit.

Any loot objects dropped or harvested by the player will expire after roughly 15 minutes. To be super clear, if it is sparkling and floating, it will expire.

Voxel clumps that drop due to a full inventory will appear as they have in the past but will convert to a loot object after a brief period of time.

Voxel clumps that have been converted to loot will automatically stack themselves together with nearby clumps.

To place the “real” version of the object, you will need to place it with z-placement (press the Z key to enter this mode). Torches can still be quickly placed with right click.

Z-placed objects are locked, so aren’t affected by the standard pick up. Instead, you have hold the pick up button to fill a short timer to pick these locked objects up. If you load any existing save from 0.8.6, placed items will not be locked until z-placed again manually.

Q dropping items or dropping items directly from your inventory will drop them as the new loot objects.

Here’s a list of the new default controls that apply to loot and placement:

  • Tapping the ‘f’ key will pick up a targeted loot object
  • Holding the ‘f’ key will pick up every loot object in a small area in front of the player
  • Holding the ‘f’ key will activate a pick up timer for a targeted item that has been z-placed by players.
  • Tapping the ‘q’ key will drop a single item from your hand
  • Holding the ‘q’ key will drop the full stack from your hand

Z-placement mode controls

  • ‘z’ key to toggle into and out of the mode
  • ‘v’ key while in the mode to activate grid-snapping
  • Hold shift key and move the mouse to move an object closer or farther from yourself
  • Hold ctrl and move the mouse to rotate the object
  • Hold ctrl+shift and move the mouse to rotate on a different axis
  • Right click to place the object. It will drop physics active unless its collision intersects with another object or voxel. Doing the latter will place the object statically

The Crafting Journal lists the recipes your player has learned. Note that players with existing saves will start with a fresh Journal, so you will need to (re)discover any existing recipes.

The Journal is accessible by pressing the ‘j’ key (by default) or by pressing the corresponding button on the inventory screen

There is an order of progression to unlock the full recipe list. This progression is based on a variety of actions your player has done (starting from this release).

Any recipe/object you discover or craft will log itself in the Journal.

The Void Basket is a new craftable container that will destroy anything (after a confirmation message) you put into it.

Glow Corn fruit is now harvestable and plantable.

Saves can be loaded into either game mode (Survival and Creative) freely. Note the game description will list the game mode the world was originally made in. Stackable objects will get set to their max values when you transition from Creative to Survival.

Crude age Sandals are craftable and wearable

The Hunting Horn is a new craftable item. It can make two different tones.

With a Hunting Horn equipped, right clicking on a pet will lock it in a sitting position until you command it further. It will not wander.


Using food items on a pet will now heal them

To breed pets, you now must use Health Potions on two appropriate pets will trigger the breeding process

Offspring that are produced from breeding now start off untamed. You will need to tame these new babies, and put a collar on them to make them a pet.

When a player dies, their dropped gear now becomes loot objects, and decay timers are added to the items.

Voxel objects no longer scale in size based on their stack size.

Grinding up materials at a flat rock now require any hammer type tool of any tier in your hand. So instead of a hammer rock on the ground, you now need it (or a higher tier hammer) in your hand. The flat rock is treated as a table.

Spiked/spiney plants (like the cactus) now cause damage when touched

Corpse Pitchers and Cabbage Traps now damage players and creatures that they catch

Updated crude age wearable items to look more in line with their component ingredients

Adjusted some background UI colors to be darker so that text is more easily readable

The Loose Pebbles crafting recipe has changed from an alchemical conversion to a standard breakdown. You can break them in sets of 8 at a workbench with a hammer equipped

Combat weapon hit detection improvements

Lowered the depth required to reach the grey bed rock layer

Replaced the Trepod Tree to reduce the impact of the giant spike of collision

Raised drop height of Alchemy Table recipe results so they are less likely to appear inside of the table itself


Corrected an issue where some players were not advancing to a teen after hitting the correct experience requirement. Affected players will first need to craft any one additional item for their experience to update correctly, and then they either reload/rejoin the game or rest in a bed.

Fixed an issue with crouched capsule size

Updated the name of the Vine Arm Wraps to Vine Shoulder Wraps to more closely match what equipment slot it fits in.

Fixed a rare bug that could cause model attach points to be counted as collision geometry.

Fixed an issue where checkboxes and sliders were showing up outside of the keybind menu

The parser for certain debug commands no longer needs quotation marks to separate it inputs

Modding Improvements[edit]

World queries can now use a bitmask instead of just a layer ID.

Updated API docs and added inheritance

object:NKGetInstance() and instance.object are now deprecated (used to convert between lua and native object, now this is done automatically)

Exposed NKGetRawMods on EntityFramework (used to get early access to mods, during initialization)

Exposed NKGetModdedPath on GameMod used to get full path to file within mod’s directory (can also be used to check if file exists, returns nil when file doesn’t exist)

Fixed issue with texture atlas only allowing 1024 icons

Fixed issue with VoxelsModifiedCallback not passing in the userdata1 when no player is passed to the NKModifyWorld args

Added FBX merge and improved texture swapping (on AnimatedGraphics and MorphGraphics)

Additional submeshes for 3P seed are loaded from [MOD]/Data/Gear/3P/

Additional submeshes for FP seed are loaded from [MOD]/Data/Gear/FP/

Added parser for new Manifest.json (Manifest.txt will still work)

Invalid texture files parsed from txt files will now show an error during loading

Known Issues[edit]

Note due to some changes, we had to reset all keybinds to their default values. Any custom bindings you had will need to be reset.

When Z-placing an object, you can lose one axis of rotation.

Trying to pick up voxels when your inventory is full will lock them in their state, so they will not transition into the loot object version

When repaired, damaged tool/weapon icons do not update the visual state. Note that durability is still restored, so this is a purely visual bug.

Some item icons for large objects such as the Crude Door are larger than its targetable area

Items will decay slower than intended if they are out of range of the Server player’s view distance

In the Crafting Journal item list, some names go beyond the frame

The Crafting Journal name list is not organized alphabetically

As a teen, swapping/placing items that appear in your hand will slightly push the teen

There are some minor clipping issues with various clothing items.

For Clients, there are rare terrain spikes and holes in the terrain.

When wandering, AI creatures can walk off the edge of the world

There are some normal issues with players This exhibits itself as dark triangles.

The new Trepod tree can still have a spike/triangle of collision.

Loot dropped items that are specific to generation/Creative will not be able to be picked up into your inventory. You will need to delete/destroy them.

Loot dropped placeable creatures in Creative have no icons,so they appear as untextured question marks.

-The Nerd Kingdom Team

11 August 2015[edit]

Build 0.8.6

Hello everyone, Nekochu here! We’ve got some new stuff: fixes to old stuff and some really bold stuff to be found in this update. First off, we’ve made some changes to how you can place objects in the world. This is really important to me as I want to focus our efforts on making the player experience a top priority going forward. Now when placing objects, you’ll be able to use the V key to turn on grid snapping, making it super easy to line up your objects.

We also have dyes in the game to make your own custom colored bricks. We have a Bear Ram and he is terrifying! We also have a basket to collect your fruit from your gardens for you! There’s much, much more so check the patch notes for all the new things!

You’ll also find a lot of changes to recipe times and the method to crafting certain items. Check out the changes to the cage trap, you can now capture other players! We’ve been making some tweaks to the AI to help them with pathfinding and avoidance. This is all leading up to big future improvements for the AI in the game. Oh did I mention the pets can now guard your camp and protect you in battle? No? Well they do and it is awesome!

Unfortunately, due to the nature of some of the changes we’ve made, previous game saves will not load up with the new update.

As always, follow us twitter@nerdkingdom to keep up with our progress and announcements.

Also, make sure to let us know if you run into any bugs or other issues, and if you have trouble running the game, check out our Steam forums for more details.

Our lead coder does lots of live streaming so follow him twitter@GhostfromTexas

And if you have any game questions, give me a shout twitter@x_nekochu_x

If you want to know when indev and release builds arrive, follow twitter@theuntiltledgame

Patch 0.8.6

Save Version bump

New Features[edit]

  • Glow maps on terrain
  • Helmets are now equippable
  • The bronze necklace is equippable
  • The woven basket is a new container that will automatically gather edible fruit within a small radius of itself
  • Z placement now ignores collision for placement allowing a greater freedom of placement in Survival Mode
  • Z placement can now be toggled to snap to the grid for placement. The default key for this toggle is ‘v’.
  • Snapped grid placement will also apply to Creative object placement tools
  • Mother BearRam has arrived and she is not pleased that people have been hunting its cubs
  • Dyes can now be crafted.
  • Dye can be combined with clay to make a colored Clay Brick voxel. Some dyes can also be mixed with cobblestone.
  • Bamboo Trees drop bamboo voxels
  • Creatures can now be placed in Creative Mode


  • Can copy/paste into and out of the main menu text fields
  • Clients should be able to pick up and interact with things with better consistency with normal lag conditions
  • Rebalanced stats of all tools and weapons
  • Added in more variety to existing resources
  • Vine bearing fruit now detaches fully grown fruit
  • Mushroom hands are plantable
  • Many recipes have been rebalanced
  • Adjusted craft times for all items
  • Rebalanced many transmutation recipes requirements and output
  • Repair recipes now restore a smaller portion of durability
  • The requirements to craft the Artisan Workbench have been lowered to only require a Crude Hammer
  • Bronze tools and weapons now require an Artisan Workbench to be crafted
  • Bronze tier tool and weapon parts can now be crafted together in any combination of head and handle
  • The Cage Trap recipe now requires its components to be crafted individually
  • The Cage Trap will craft at the location of its floor component. The trap can no longer be picked up, but it must be broken down and recrafted.
  • Meat can now be cooked with torches
  • Projectiles now follow a more consistent path
  • Return Stones can now be used multiple times before it is used up
  • After using a Return Stone, players may hang in the air briefly before touching down to mitigate falling before the terrain generates underneath them
  • Creature AI has been expanded
  • Taming a pet now requires the player use a Vine Collar on a fully appeased kid/cub
  • If left alone for long enough, Guardian Pets set to stay will begin to slowly wander
  • Guardians now help defend their owner from threats. Cats attack aggressively and Goats attack defensively.
  • Guardian Goats now have a head butt attack
  • When attacked in any state, creatures will now defend themselves or flee
  • Wandering predators will eat their kills and other animal corpses
  • Goats will focus on consuming nearby fruit before targeting vines
  • When breeding, pets will create a nest for more visual feedback for the process
  • The Mushroom Man’s drop rate has been adjusted
  • Updated the sky with a more readable 2nd moon and other cosmic entities
  • Adjusted several player animations
  • Terrain optimization
  • More recipes added to convert blocks to more useful items as well as recipes to breakdown objects such as the rock heads that become too plentiful
  • Creatures can now be placed in creative mode


  • Fixed normals on objects, characters, and terrain
  • Spears and potions should no longer reflect off of the throwing player’s collision
  • Damage states and warning sounds for tools and weapons
  • Creature collisions should be more accurately sized and be easier to hit and harvest
  • The collision capsule for the teen is more accurate
  • Goats no longer orbit trees
  • Goats and Cats now play their sitting animations
  • Growth potions cannot be used on something that is already under its effects
  • Fixed an instability caused by loading into multiple games within the same session of TUG
  • The Ctrl, Alt, and Shift keys should be bindable now as well as differentiated by their side i.e. LCtrl, RCtrl, LAlt, etc.

Modding Improvements[edit]

  • Fixed Modded keybind resetting after game restarts
  • Exposed NKGetCraftingArcheType, NKGetCategory, NKGetTier on GameObjectSchematic
  • Server side command registration using Eternus.GameState:RegisterSlashCommand
  • Exposed GetModdedPath on EntityFramework, used to get absolute path based on VFS
  • Exposed NKGetPath on ModScript
  • Added custom Strict Lib to DebugUtility
  • Added JSON parser to Core

Known Issues[edit]

  • Slingshot projectiles can still reflect off the throwing player’s collision
  • When Client players throw a spear, it briefly reorients itself to the hand. This is purely a visual bug.
  • The ‘|’ and ‘\’ key have been removed as a bindable key
  • Cannot bind key combinations together i.e. ctrl + e cannot be bound as an action
  • Some of the new bronze throwables will appear to be spears when z-placed
  • If you leave an area where a nest is, it is not producing offspring when you return. The workaround is to stay within the area until the baby is produced.
  • In Creative Mode, the first time you click into the Search bar will cause the inventory icons to shift/shrink slightly
  • In Creative Mode, you cannot place voxels as voxels when in the Survival Placement mode unless the voxel is in hand already when you switch to that placement.
  • In Creative Mode, the object representation of a voxel is appearing even when in voxel placement mode
  • When you destroy all the voxels in a cell, it will appear to destroy all objects in that cell as well. Reloading (or leaving the area and returning) will restore those objects.
  • When a player dies and respawn from a wisp, you can briefly see a flash of their character at the wisps last position before they appear at their spawn point.
  • You can use a Health Potion when at full health.
  • AI Creatures can wander off the edge of the world.
  • The wool shirt is clipping into the default leaf pants and gauntlet

23 June 2015[edit]

Build 0.8.5

Ahoy! This is a big tech update we have going on, as it's the benchmark for the team moving on to engine 2.0. The next several months will be spent building and porting systems over to openGL and making the game accessible to more and more players in the community. Not only do we expand the reach of the community, but we also get a chance to dramatically improve ALL the things for the game.

We have some REALLY exciting times ahead of us, as we prepare to grow our team and get a bit more aggressive on the things we create. As a lot of you know, we have always had a huge focus on modding, and much of that focus is actually going to start to shine within the next few months. While the DX11 engine may not expand much while we move over to openGL, we have some pretty rad stuff planned for the community and a lot of modders from the MC community. Its a great chance for us to really work out new systems we are introducing to make mod creation and discovery easier.

We will have a lot of fairly huge announcements on the future of TUG, within the next couple of months, so be sure to follow us twitter@nerdkingdom

As per usual, report any bugs you run into, screenshots and videos are super helpful if you have the time. And if the game is not running for whatever reason, and it was, we are more likely going to see the report email before we see the review on steam… just sayin.

Cameron has been doing a LOT of streams on builds lately, so follow him twitter@GhostfromTexas If you want Corey to hurry the H E double hockey sticks, up with openGL, harass him twitter@CoreyClarkPhD And if you want to send lavish gifts and cookie bouquets, feel free to get me twitter@inoritewtf

of course, to track when indev and release builds arrive, follow twitter@theuntiltledgame

Recent changes to our physics and terrain system have been drastic enough that we have had to bump the save version. All older saves are not compatible.

New Features[edit]

  • Sky Update: New look to the sky, as well as adjustments for color and density that will change depending how far you are between different biomes
  • Biomes have been made more distinct. Resource distribution, lighting, background sound, and fog density have all been updated for each.
  • Terrain voxels are now what you dig is what you get (with the exception of the ore dropping rock which gives cobblestone). Cobblestone and Thatched voxels will need to be crafted from rock and grass voxels, respectively.
  • Terrain Input system: biomes generally larger than before and more consistent with which biomes they are adjacent to. Biome frequency adjusted
  • Crude Door
  • Fat/Skinny body morphing
  • New clothing options for the Seed
  • Coconuts can now be harvested and planted
  • Variety of mushrooms can now be planted
  • Hitting the crafting button while crafting will cancel the current craft
  • Z-Placement Adjustments
  • Right click to place
  • Hold Left Shift to adjust the distance of the item from the camera
  • Hold Left Ctrl to free rotate the item
  • Hold Left Shift + Left Ctrl to rotate on the X-Axis
  • Creative Mode update (back to explicit tools for each function)
  • Creative Mode now has three sets of tools for object placement, voxel placement, and standard Survival interaction
  • Ctrl + MouseWheel or the ‘y’ key: Switch between Object Placement, Voxel Placement, and Survival Interaction
  • MouseWheel or Ctrl + 1-4: Switch between placement mode specific tools for each placement tool set
  • For Object Placement Tools: Z: resets the current object scaling/rotation settings
  • For Voxel Placement Tools: Shift + MouseWheel : Switch Voxel brush sizes
  • Object Placement Eyedropper Tool :
  • Primary Action : Select the currently highlighted object
  • Secondary Action : Place Item
  • Object Placement Rotation Tool :
  • Primary Action : Rotate the object on both X and Y axes
  • Ctrl + Primary Action : Rotate the object on X axis
  • Shift + Primary Action : Rotate the object on Y axisSecondary Action : Place Item
  • Object Placement Scale Tool :
  • Primary Action : Scales the object
  • Ctrl + Primary Action : Moves the object
  • Secondary Action : Place Item
  • Object Placement Delete Tool :
  • Primary Action : Deletes the object
  • Secondary Action : Place Item
  • Voxel Placement Eyedropper Tool :
  • Primary Action : Select the currently selected material
  • Secondary Action : Paints the selected material on the selected area
  • Voxel Placement Brush Shape Tools :
  • Primary Action : Removes the selected voxel shape from terrain
  • Secondary Action : Places the selected voxel shape on terrain
  • Survival Placement Tool
  • Normal Survival keybinds
  • Voxel icons now represent the type of block they place as well as representing the material of the block and any billboards
  • Tons of smaller new features and adjustments throughout the game


  • Increased performance of script processing significantly as a whole by allowing scripts to schedule their own update rates
  • Large performance optimizations to AI character processing when looking for objects or other characters
  • Greatly optimized networked game object performance managed by the server when clients are connected
  • Fine-tuned serialization interval times for game objects, gaining some performance when clients are connected to the server
  • Added billboard mipmaps, reducing visual noise of billboards at a distance, as well as potentially gaining some rendering performance
  • Improved shadow appearance
  • Large improvements to networking bandwidth usage
  • Various terrain performance improvements
  • Adjusted blending threshold for terrain to give a more distinct separation between terrain layers
  • Miscellaneous performance gains in various parts of the engine and gameplay
  • Updated AI system when making decisions for their state


  • Fixed a crash with Intel systems and certain AMD systems using 8 or more cores
  • Fixed an issue with with mouse cursor and window focus when using the Windows Classic Theme
  • Expanded initial range of spawn locations to more consistently start new players in a Forest biome
  • Fixed a runtime memory leak when cleaning up objects and terrain
  • The player is no longer capable of consuming a coconut whole
  • If there are additional items of the same type, stacked items in your hand will refill when used up.
  • Polar, desert (sahara), bedrock and red cliffs biomes are back in the main Survival Generation
  • Adjusted the angle of terrain that billboards appear at
  • Shields now occupy the same inventory slot as gauntlets
  • Fixed several tool/weapon animations
  • Fixed a potential crash when first loading new assets. Unfortunately, this will increase the initial load time the first time you launch a new version
  • The keybinds not saving for the current session is fixed. Be sure to save your settings after rebinding them.
  • Sprint can now be rebound to another key
  • Pressing caps lock will no longer lock the brush shape size
  • Arrow keys and mouse buttons 3+ should be mappable
  • Adjusted poison damage values upwards
  • Adjusted crafting priorities of several transmute recipes
  • Softened the torch sound effects
  • Fixed environmental FX not appearing
  • Fixed an issue where renamed save game directories were still referencing their original directory
  • Fixed some issues where placing objects would put them inside of the player (such as Vine Fences)
  • When crafting, recipe checks will now look for all active crafting stations which should side step issues with crafting near multiple crafting stations
  • Pressing G again after initiating a craft will cancel out of the craft
  • Fixed issue where loading a save would advance the time of day further than what it should have
  • Certain recipes (primarily alchemy conversions) now stack when creating more than 1 object
  • Fixed various issues with MaxViewDistance not taking effect properly in certain circumstances in a networked environment
  • Fixed several issues with clients disconnecting then reconnecting while dead.
  • Fixed an issue causing bouncing sounds to not play for clients when other players jumped on Mushroom Beds or Double Cap Mushrooms.
  • Single player no longer hard-sets port 6600 when launching, it now retrieves an open port from the OS. This can be retrieved in game by typing /port in-game
  • Note: To go from single-player to multi-player, you can type /allowconnections while in-game
  • To set a multiplayer game initially to just find a free port, enter ‘0’ as the port number. You will need to use /port to find out which port was allocated.

Modding Improvements[edit]

  • Implemented ModScript save, serialize and event systems
  • StaticModels, textures and mesh colliders can now be swapped on GameObject from lua
  • Mod can now create additional sound file
  • Mods now have the ability to define additional keybinds
  • Fixed the initializing order to prevent most lua loops
  • Updates and fixes to existing Lua API documentation, mostly correcting missing documentation, but also typos and definition mis-matches
  • Tons of new, modified and deleted Lua API calls. Here are some of the most notable changes:
  • Players can now be queried for their biome weights
  • Many new Sky controls
  • NKRefernce/NKDereference have been removed in favor of a better relevancy system in the engine.
  • Networked Script events are now registered on a per object level instead of global
  • New NKGetFilteredGameObjectsInRadius for searching for a particular item in range using the GameObjectSystem
  • New NKGetRadius API on the graphics component
  • Tons more! (see the EternusAPI Documentation for more details)

Known Issues[edit]

  • Repeatedly leaving and joining games within the same session of TUG can cause excessive memory issues.
  • Helmets are not wearable yet
  • Seedlings and Teens have their own sets of clothing right now. You can’t currently mix/match them. So if you are wearing Seedling leaf clothing when you grow up, it will not visually appear on the Teen even though it is still in the equipment slot.
  • The size of a Teen’s head is shrunk compared to the Seedling
  • On of the cactus icons is missing in Creative
  • When players die, all their inventory is placed at their feet. Some smaller items may require digging to retrieve (depending on the slope of the terrain).
  • The console/command window isn’t in the bottom left of the window when you go full screen
  • If you travel roughly 10000 coordinate points away from your initial spawn location, collision and object generation will cease
  • At certain angles and movement, projectiles can reflect off of the player that throw them
  • Rarely, Clients will have gaps in their terrain generation.
  • Rarely, players will see a cell of missing billboards.
  • When placing square voxels so that only a single point/corner touches, graphical issues can occur. Usually, it will appear as streaks or black triangles
  • Objects do not save while they are in motion (they must stop and settle)
  • The radius of torches scaring certain creatures is too long
  • Pets are missing sound effects
  • Pet taming timer is not accurate and sometimes you can overfeed a wild critter before it turns into a pet
  • Recipes that use tools in the hand are not causing durability damage to those tools
  • When digging or placing billboard voxels (like grass), the billboards do not reappear until after you have reloaded that game
  • The Skull Stick is craftable, yet its uses are mysterious and unknown (or possibly not done yet)
  • Animals/players caught in cabbage traps are not visible until the trap has completely reopened after releasing them.
  • Creatures will sometimes run small circles around their targets if they can’t quite reach the food item they are trying to eat
  • Tools can affect voxels they normally would not interact with when using larger voxel brush sizes

8 April 2015[edit]

Build Number: 0.8.4

Ahoy! Enjoy fun, hunting KIDS! ALL THE KIDS! Goat kids… ya creeps. This update brings breeding and taming to the world of The Uncanny Gerbils, along with a few sparkly bits with teh magicks… magic? magik? idk. Keep in mind, that everything you are seeing in game now is not final, but does give us a chance to see how things impact the overall experience and performance of the game. Of course, if something is not to your liking in a current iteration you can always, ya know… mod it.

Expect a lot more focus on content for the next couple of releases, while we start to work on the design and early development of the engine move over to openGL, so we can hit much lower machine specs and get the game out there in the hands of more players. Along with this, dedicated servers are ALMOST done, and you should follow @CamFergusonDFW for updates on that. Also, hes got this streaming bug right now, so you can also poke him on stream on occasion here and

We have made some big progress since we started this project way back in Kickstarter, and have gotten a lot of support from all of you, fellow developers, and even financial partners. Its been absolutely overwhelming to be able to take our project this far and have an opportunity to take it beyond what we initially thought we could accomplish. We have big plans and big support, and we are anxious to show you guys what we have up our sleeves.

OH! And big congratz to our Art Director @inkmech, who just had a beautiful, healthy baby girl! Well, he didn't have a baby, that’d be weird… but you know what I mean.

As usual, rage @BrennanPriest42 For leaks of things that make the devs cringe, cause I have a problem follow me here @inoritewtf And if you think we need CorgiGoats for REALS, yell @x_nekochu_x

Update announces can be found here @TheUntitledGame And general geekery stuffs around TUG development can be found here @NerdKingdom

New Features[edit]

  • Added a Sand Layer underneath several biomes so players aren’t dependent on finding a Desert for sand.
  • Alternative terrain generators are back. Note the Survival generation is still the main, balanced generator for gameplay
  • Goat Kid added to generation, no not a satyr...
  • Animals will now react to players holding food and can be fed.
  • Baby versions of Cats and Goats can be domesticated. The BearRam Cub cannot and adult wild Cats and *Goats cannot be domesticated.
  • Pets can be set to follow or stay by targeting them and right clicking.
  • Players can breed adult, domesticated animals from tamed baby versions.
  • Adult domesticated animals can breed and have babies.
  • Fireball and Ice Blast spells are now craftable and castable. You will need to craft their respective items, enter the casting stance with ‘t’, and left click to cast
  • A crude age shield is now in the game
  • Blocking can be performed when a shield is equipped with a weapon. Blocking is performed by holding down the right mouse button


  • Found a major memory optimization when first loading animations in the game. It should dramatically reduce memory consumption when loading game objects by nearly 3x
  • Fixed a bug with emitters not displaying
  • AI should save their positions now between each game session
  • Creature spawners now respect their cooldown timers. New animals won’t spawn in every time you load a game.
  • Fixed a crash when first creating/joining a game
  • Fixed a crash when exiting TUG
  • Fixed an issue where attempting to transfer a tool/weapon to a full container would restore the durability on that item
  • Fixed an issue where swords weren’t cutting certain types of grass billboards
  • Fixed a Lua error when a player left a game before respawning
  • Fixed a Lua error when a player entered Z placement mode in Creative mode and then switched to 3rd person camera
  • Banana Bunches are harvestable again
  • Generated coconuts no longer hover several feet above the ground.
  • Fixed some cases where the Fuel Potion wasn’t restoring energy
  • Added in a console message when players join a server

Known Issues[edit]

  • Player collision is slightly desync’d from their visual location. It is lagging slightly behind where a player has moved from
  • Pets have no distinguishing features from wild animals
  • Some animal movement is not animating correctly, so creatures may appear to slide
  • Pet animations are sync’ed when you reload a world
  • Pet timers and health are reset between sessions
  • If you die too far away from your last save, pets can get lost
  • The run key (shift) is not a bindable key
  • You can lose mouse cursor if you dismiss server disconnect message with keyboard.
  • There are some mouse cursor issues when TUG is the active window. It’ll exhibit itself as an active cursor that will still access your Windows desktop. If this occurs to you, send us your system specs.
  • Clients can come across strips of missing terrain. Reloading/rejoining the game sessions should be resolve the issue in the short term.
  • Clients are crafting slower than the Server player
  • Creative mode has several usability issues that we’re currently working on.
  • The Vine Fence Cage Trap doesn’t have collision along it’s walls when it has trapped something
  • If you have the fireball equipped, when you rejoin a server, the first shot may orient into a default position rather than where you are facing. You can resolve this by re*equipping the spell first.
  • If you die right as you enter a stance, you may get stuck in that stance (until you exit and rejoin)

11 March 2015[edit]

Build Number: 0.8.3

Ahoy! You know where you can cram it?!?!?! IN YOUR WORKING CHEST! Finally got around to getting storage containers working, along with equipables and a few other bits… not to mention my personal favorite, TRAPS! I think by now we all know, that any researcher has a little bit of troll in them, so things can start to get a little more fun. We are starting to get into some of the more “RPG”ish stuffs, so see plenty of other bits below.

Ghost and I got to spend a bit of time at PaxEast this past weekend, it was an absolute blast. We got to hang with the dudes from Forge, Mindcrack and ForgeCraft (so many forges!), and got lots of interesting insights about tools, maps and all things shameless minecraft clone. It was encouraging to also hear that the things that drove us with this project, are also things that are important to the dev community… so with that, expect some more mods along the way from a few modders you may recognize.

Speaking of modders! We are going to be starting a mod jam here in the next couple of months (TUG Jam?), so we can start showcasing some new tools, and offer up some gift cards/prizes to modders that could help them beef up their rigs in the process. Don’t have all the details, but working them out with Lex (Forge) and Pahimar (ForgeCraft) over the next couple of days and will announce that soonish, so be sure to troll me on the twitters for deets (cause I just deleted my Facebook, its true, the most epic unlike of all time).

(kickstarter) We are already working on our kickstarter rewards, both physical and digital bits. So keep an eye on your email and KS accounts so you can give some feedback and make some selections. Your support and patience has been a big deal for us, and we cannot thank you guys enough for stepping up for us from the start. Thank you.

And as usual, if you run into any bugs, crashes, splosions, please leave it as a review for how terrible this game was and how much of a rip off it was… I mean… email support *cough* or post to the bugs forums. Your feedback helps us make better tech, which means better game, and even better mods, so be kind and leave feedback behind (T*Shirt!).

Follow updates to our Game & Tech here: @TheUntitledGame Check out some concepts and random bits of stuff n things here: @NerdKingdom If you are tired of this DX11 limitation, spam this guy here: @CoreyClarkPhD If you want 1980s style freeze frame jumping high fives, yo: @inoritewtf

New Features[edit]

  • Added the Bronze Cudgel and resources used for crafting it
  • Added the Poison Potion to apothecary
  • Added several new traps: Pumpkin Trap, Spiked Trap, Leaf Canopy and Vine Fence Cage. They are activated by placing them and then right clicking them to activate.
  • Crude Slingshot now in game
  • Updates to all potions in apothecary
  • Crude Chest/Leaf Backpack can be used to store items
  • Crude equipment is now in the game; they are craftable and wearable. They can be equipped by dragging it into the appropriate slot or by equipping it in hand and left clicking. Backpacks are not yet wearable.
  • Crude equipment will save between game sessions
  • Bronze Plated Glove armor piece has been added to the game along with resources necessary to craft it
  • Several new cosmetic furniture: Lotus Chair, Bamboo Table, Bamboo Stool
  • Mushroom Bed
  • Updates to triggers on terrain objects
  • Bouncing on Double Mushroom Caps and Mushroom Bed
  • Updated the iconography of potions to get them more distinguishable by color blind players
  • Swords can be used to temporarily remove grass billboards
  • Added a Billboard Frequency slider to Video Options
  • All tables and large objects are placed facing the player with a set orientation
  • Clean up to the recipe crafts and added a priority system to help with overlapping recipe resources
  • Added new punch animation for the player


  • Fixes to the Cabbage Trap to get it working in multiplayer
  • Performance fix for object culling and view distance
  • Networking bandwidth optimizations
  • Fixed several missing sounds and sounds bugs
  • Improved physics performance and stability
  • Fix scaling issues for some UI elements
  • General animation cleanup and fixes

Known Issues[edit]

  • For any existing saves, the player’s inventory has been wiped. This is due to the gear/equipment updates
  • Player collision is slightly desync’d from their visual location. It is lagging slightly behind where a player has moved from
  • In Creative Mode, when clicking on the inventory UI, the player will also grab objects out of the world
  • Z Placement of large objects will orient the object in a static direction and not the camera
  • Player does not stay in throw mode for the poison potion
  • There is a potential crash when exiting TUG
  • There is a rare crash when first loading a world (or joining a server)

30 January 2015[edit]

Build Number: 0.8.2

Hello everyone! We’re back from PAX South and back to more frequent updates!

It was a blast getting to meet people at PAX South and the game played really well for everyone who stopped by the booth. We noticed a few nagging issues during the event that we wanted to get a patch out for and that’s what you’ll find in this update.

Now that we have the first phase of multiplayer out, we’ll be shifting back into more content creation. We can’t wait to get you even more things to do in TUG!

Check out the list below for all the fixes and additions you can expect in this update. If you run into any issues not mentioned below, feel free to let us know on our forums or contact us

If you feel the urge, send any best wishes, cyber hugs or well meanings to me on the twitters @X_Nekochu_X. Have fun and keep surviving out there on TUG!


  • Torches now have a limited number of uses to light a Fire Pit or Furnace
  • Gourd Torch has been adjusted to work as a light source but not a fire based torch
  • Adjustments made to the stalker spawn and the player’s starting position
  • Crude tool repair recipe has been adjusted to work similar to the bronze tool repairs
  • Bamboo Shaft can now be used in any recipe that formerly only used the Wood Shaft
  • Small rocks no longer affect terrain
  • Removed spacing check on growing items; still have a radius check to plant the initial seed


  • The Esc key will now close the Inventory menu
  • Terrain should finish generation until before the loading bar fills
  • The sword applies a run speed buff again
  • Creative Mode UI was not disabling when the UI Toggle was used
  • Lua errors when a Client is in motion when a Server shuts down
  • Thrown and stuck spears not saving
  • Objects not being cleaned up properly when stacks were merged in the backpack
  • Damage States for weapons/tools not showing up
  • Gourd Torches making fire sounds
  • Layers of voxels were generating too many times below ground
  • Dropping a stack of seeds would consume a full stack of seeds for one plant
  • Damage taken when starving was interrupting the eat animation
  • Crude/Bronze Hoe were held too close to the head in first person view
  • Fixed known bug where cells were not being saved in certain situations
  • Addressed some saving corruption issues
  • Proper sounds now play when you eat something
  • Crude/Bronze Hoe now takes durability damage when farming
  • Cached physics collision meshes are cleaned up with each new engine release to a player, which fixes certain items having offset physics and graphics meshes
  • Tools and weapons now take damage from attacking other players
  • Removed the “reload assets” key (default F5). Lua scripts can now be reloaded by leaving the game and reloading it. This also addresses some occasional graphics glitches that could sometimes be experienced
  • Various minor fixes to the engine and gameplay have been addressed

Known Issues[edit]

  • If you are unable to change your brush/block size, tap the Caps Lock key once.
  • Any recipe crafted using the Bamboo Shaft in place of the wood shaft does not reflect the bamboo wood in the final result
  • Cabbage trap never opens after growing to full size and does not trap anything
  • Clients lose stamina while walking with a Sword in hand
  • When full screen the gems on the volume slider bars cannot be grabbed with the mouse cursor
  • Large items can get stuck in the player’s head when placed near a wall or in a low ceiling area

22 January 2015[edit]

Build Number: 0.8.1

Its been quite a while since we have brought a build off of indev and into the main branch, so this update is a really big deal for us. We have gone through quite a lot in the past several months, and it feels great being able to hit this milestone with the engine getting the first phase of multiplayer running, and letting all of you guys enjoy TUG with your friends *cough*.

We moved new terrain into the main branch, and its faster than its ever been. With that, we also have got some non blocky blocks within the world for various interactions in survivor and a bit of an overhaul on controls in creative mode, to allow you to scroll through shapes. Its all still a bit crude, but it will help get things done. This is a big step for us, but its nowhere near the last… lots of big stuff is still on the way.

A big chunk of our team is on their way to PAX South today, and setting up to show off some progress to the gaming community, so this is a big deal for us. With this milestone, we are also pushing that price increase we have been talking about for some time. But, to allow some last minute backers/contributors/buyers/people, we are putting the game on sale at the $19.99 price point (which means its gonna sit at $10 for a while). Not sure if we are going to do a price increase again… but as we did in this case, we will share those thoughts as soon as we know… it will all just come down to how far we can push this project.

Below, you can check out a descriptive list of things we’ve fixed and still need fixing. You will see some more focus on features and content with the next few updates, and the occasional hot fixes. And If you come across any errors, crashes, or weird instances that just don’t seem right, feel free to let us know on our forums or contact us

As always send all your cuddles to me on the twitters @inoritewtf and any potential nerd rage to @joshuabrookover, hes one of our new engineers… and he needs a good hazing. Also, gratz to Cobell who was moved up from PM to Producer on TUG! (get a twitter already… GOSH).

New Features[edit]

-New Terrain Engine -Multiplayer -New UI System using CEGUI -Expanded Mod capabilities -Return Stone -New AI Characters

Creative Mode[edit]

  • Significantly changed controls


Menu functionality[edit]

  • Creative Mode is now functioning and multiplayer ready
  • Fixed several window focus issues
  • Fixed some display errors with the Load Game and Delete Game menus
  • UI Toggling should now work by default (without needing to rebind the key)
  • Using the ‘h’ key to move your hand item into your backpack should now add that item into any available -stack
  • The Debug console should now be disabled by default
  • You can once again create copies of your saves and have them appear on the Load Game menus


  • Fixed an error pop up with crafted Leaf Backpacks
  • Stability updates when creating, leaving, or exiting a game
  • Server’s entering the menus will not stop the processing of the game world
  • Fixed an error pop up with the Return Stone being set and used when very far from other players
  • Fixed a crash when a player tried to join a server where other players were actively digging and performing other actions


  • Fixed the issue where generated objects could appear above and below the terrain
  • Fixed an issue where the Sun was piercing through the distance fog and terrain
  • Fixed some seams when altering terrain
  • Fixed a some terrain desync issues
  • Rock cannot be directly tilled


  • Fixed issues where a Client’s hand item or Inventory overflow would appear at the Server’s location
  • Fixed issue where Clients will see red lines at the base of characters showing where physics capsule is heading to
  • Fixed an issue where consumable potions were consuming a charge when trying to place them
  • When Clients die, their hand item does not drop at the Server’s position
  • Players do not spawn in with the exact same head and headwear
  • Removed the durability display for several objects that did not wear out on use
  • Players should see other Players crouching properly now
  • Player now has animation and sound when taking damage
  • Quick swapping to another item while in Z placement will now exit the placement mode
  • Fuel (in a Fire Pit and Stone Furnaces) should now save
  • Fixed an issue with multiple death notices appearing
  • Return Stone should save it’s return position correctly between game sessions
  • The size of a voxel with a max stack count has been scaled small
  • Sound plays correctly for the brown geyser and for a failed craft at the alchemy table
  • Fixed an issue where spawn locations after using a bed were being reset


  • Predators now again properly respect torches held in the player’s hand
  • Spawn rate of Mushroom Man slightly increased

Fruit and Growables[edit]

  • Generated trees should no longer have extra, duplicated fruit
  • Plucked fruit should have proper icons
  • Fixed an issue with growable plants and harvesting their fruit if it was still on the vine/tree
  • Fixed an issue with growable plants not growing (during the day) if they were planted at night
  • Growable plants should not have their growth states interrupted if you leave/resume the game before it has fully grown
  • Adjusted the Cabbage Trap’s growth times

Engine Optimizations[edit]

  • Greatly improved performance of Terrain
  • Improved performance of Lua Scripts
  • Minor performance improvements to Rendering

Work In Progress[edit]

  • Multiple Creative Mode quickslot bars
  • Cabbage Trap functionality
  • Weapon Buffs
  • Tool and Weapon damage states
  • Particle FX on certain objects

Known Issues[edit]

  • Some keybinds do not work unless you delete you user_config.txt file
  • Sometimes you lose the ability to change the place/dig voxel size. Reloading into that world will fix it
  • Single Player and Multiplayer names are different
  • Single Player and Multiplayer maps are essentially the same. Single Player simply does not allow additional players to join.
  • If Clients all join at the same time, the Server may lock up
  • If the games crashes while the game saves, it can potentially damage that world save causing corrupted cell terrain data or user inventory.
  • If you get a port is in use error when trying to run Single Player, another program is running in port 6600. -Free up that port, or start a Multiplayer game with a different port number
  • Clients can get desynced from the Server causing objects and terrain modifications to not appear. When this occurs, reconnecting to the Server should fix the issue
  • If a Server shuts down while Clients are still connected, the Clients may crash
  • When returning to an area out of visual range or reloading a save, some objects may not load correctly. -Reloading the game should fix this; multiple reloads may be needed
  • Torch FX is getting detached from the torch
  • Sometimes objects will load in with no textures
  • Goats can get stuck travelling to food far out of their normal range which may lead to many goats appearing in one location
  • Cabbage Traps grow into a closed state
  • Rarely objects will turn into another random object
  • In Creative, going going full screen will shift the relative location of the quickslot bar and inventory
  • Clients that crash may sometimes leave a body in the server

16 September 2014[edit]

Build Number: 0.6.5

Another day another update. Finally coming out of the stone age… maybe we will be less a caveman simulation now *cough*. It’s our first step to advancing an age in TUG with crafting and a few additional bits, along with an adorable, and also very annoying little surprise.



  • Ores set up to generate from certain rock materials
  • Material drops from terrain and trees adjusted to match new block digging sizes
  • Updates to the predator behavior, it now fears campfires and hunts other critters
  • New recipes added for all bronze tools and new tables (Bellows, Sandcast Mold & Stone Anvil)
  • Existing tables also received new recipes in line with the new age of tools
  • Repair and deconstructing recipes added for bronze tools
  • Rock heads for crude tools have a chance of dropping from terrain materials


  • You can now dig/place voxel blocks in two different sizes. You can now place/dig a 2x2x2 cube. The 1 voxel cube size can still be used. Holding down the Shift key + scrolling with the mouse scroll wheel will shift between the sizes.

Eternus API[edit]

  • Modders now have the ability to register and create their own slash commands. RegisterSlashCommand(“command”, “functionToCall”). Arguments are passed over as a table. See Survival:TargetInfoCommand function for an example!
  • New function on game objects NKIsInWorld(), a simple query to find out if a given object is in the world or not.

Known Issues[edit]

  • Proving Grounds has been temporarily disabled.
  • Multiplayer has been temporarily disabled while we revamp that whole system.
  • Fruits have durability bars
  • When a fruit is held in your hand, the voxel cube outline for a tool appears.
  • Thrown (not dropped) spears stuck in the world aren’t saving properly
  • Critters don’t save their positions between game sessions
  • Critters love to get stuck on the terrain and other objects.
  • The location to harvest Critter bodies tend to be slightly lower near their feet. When looking at the correct spot, the menu pop up will appear.
  • Can place items (right click or Q) through voxels if you are too close to the voxel.
  • When (right-click) placing a Vine Fence, it places inside of the player.
  • The game can crash on exit.
  • Sometimes when resuming the game, the same sounds will play
  • Weapon/Tools placed in the environment return to full durability between game sessions
  • The shovel’s animation is not playing correctly. The shovel can still be used to dig.
  • When digging voxels, sometimes their collision will remain there.
  • Curved (partial-voxel) surfaces cannot be destroyed at certain angles.
  • Sometimes grass billboards can pop out of seemingly fully tilled dirt. This is due to an error with the blending; tilling each area around that billboard should remove the grass.
  • 3rd Person camera not fully functional; interactions are not working correctly; use only for viewing the seed.
  • The sprint key (Left Shift) cannot be rebound.
  • Can’t bind the Mouse 4 and Mouse 5 buttons

28 August 2014[edit]

Build Number: 0.6.4


Patch Alpha 0.6.4 is here, and now you finally have something to run and hide from, in game. Something that isn’t so bright, but it’s a start. We have a few really neat systems that have come online and its another step towards this big tech demo, actually becoming a game. As per usual, lots of borked stuff, so your feedback is ALWAYS needed to help us squash dem bugs. New terrain gen is just trailing behind and will make it into an update VERY soon. As mentioned in a previous post, we are going to open up a second branch of ALL the things we work on, as we work on them, so content will be more frequently shown on that “InDev” branch. Play this branch at your own risk, its possible to splode… but its at the risk of seeing all the pretty new terrain and content on almost a weekly basis before it gets pushed to the main branch. As usual, send all complaints to @BrennanPriest42 , Why No multiplayer, bro, harass@camfergusondfw and all compliments and virtual high fives to me, @inoritewtf and follow all our stuffs, in general @nerdkingdom


  • Powdered apothecary reagents
  • Saber Cat predator
  • Hollowed Pumpkin Shell
  • Pumpkin Cauldron
  • Gourd Shell
  • Gourd Flask
  • Multiple potions can be created using the Gourd Flask
  • General animation tweaks


  • Added labels to all objects
  • Objects now have a durability and deliver differing durability damages per tool
  • The flat rock at the campfire can be used to grind ingredients into powders and used in potion recipes
  • Apothecary system now available with 5 different potion recipes
  • Tools can be broken down to reclaim resources
  • Wild alchemy tables allow for basic conversion of some resources
  • Eating fruit produces seeds; seeds can also still be created at the workbench
  • Adjusted the drop rates for trees and rocks
  • Drops from harvesting objects stack and report back the number of items in a stack


  • Enabled tool tips for inventory items, can be toggled on/off from the options menu
  • Integrated CEGUI; Reimplemented the main menu using CEGUI
  • Implemented fall damage for controllers
  • Crafting and recipe system has been revamped for more control
  • More game data and logic has been moved into Lua
  • Restructured game data directories for easier mod support
  • Added basic mod support and selection through a text file under /configs
  • Minor Optimizations
  • Increased stability significantly
  • Improved jump sequence
  • Tweaked the logic behind spear throwing
  • Integrate Lua Debugger
  • Implement Debug Console for Mod Development
  • Fixed and expanded the Input menu
  • Disabled particle-based clouds by default. They were causing too many rendering issues.

Known Issues[edit]

  • Proving Grounds has been temporarily disabled.
  • Multiplayer has been temporarily disabled while we revamp that whole system.
  • Fruits have durability bars
  • Some fruit bearing plants are over-producing fruit and not properly despawning “old” fruit
  • Spears stuck (and not dropped) in the world aren’t saving properly
  • Cats and Goats love to get stuck on the terrain and other objects.
  • The location to harvest Cat and Goat bodies tend to be slightly lower near their feet
  • Can place items (right click or Q) through voxels if you are too close to the voxel.
  • When (right-click) placing a Vine Fence, it places inside of the player.
  • The game can crash on exit.
  • Weapon/Tools placed in the environment return to full durability between game sessions
  • When digging voxels, sometimes their collision will remain there.
  • Curved (partial-voxel) surfaces cannot be destroyed at certain angles.
  • Sometimes grass billboards can pop out of seemingly fully tilled dirt. This is due to an error with the blending; tilling each area around that billboard should remove the grass.
  • 3rd Person camera not fully functional; interactions are not working correctly; use only for viewing the seed.
  • The sprint key (Left Shift) cannot be rebound.
  • Can’t bind the Mouse 4 and Mouse 5 buttons
  • The main menu has some placeholder text
  • Sometimes when resuming the game, the death sound will play
  • Cats and Goats don’t save

15 July 2014[edit]

Build Number: 0.6.3

A message from Ino:

Hey guys,

We are getting pretty close to being able to call this thing an actual game, so this update is kinda a big deal. Lots of new systems have been put into the engine, which means more stuff to do in Survival, but more importantly, more stuff to mod. Unfortunately with this update we also had to put the kibosh on the Proving Grounds; it would have held everything up so we decided to put it under construction for now. But fret not, we will get it back and running as soon as we’ve had a chance to kick it and scream at it to get it working (as is typical of effective problem solving).

We still have a lot of stuff to do and another big update coming in very soon, so keep up to date with what’s going on and maybe subscribe to our YouTube channel for WIP videos each week. Please also do keep in mind that bugs and performance issues should be expected and we really need you guys to let us know as it comes up. It’s a huge help to us and we really rely on you guys to inform us of what to improve on.

If you like what we have been doing so far, please consider sharing our project with your friends on the interwebs. Any support we get goes right back into development and helps keep us indie.

As usual, if you guys have any questions comments or concerns, feel free to yell at me @inoritewtf or our official twitter @nerdkingdom.

Xoxo. Peter - ino - Salinas


  • New resources added: Raw Beef, Cooked Beef, Animal Hide, Animal Intestines
  • The goat has been added as a prey Critter
  • Leaf Sack added as a decor item
  • Crude Bed added to the game
  • Crude Workbench added to the game
  • Growing trees and vines added to the game
  • Updated Grass textures
  • Added Tilled Dirt texture
  • Added Chopped Wood object
  • Added Stacked Wood & Wood Plank objects
  • Added Cobblestone & Gravel objects
  • Added Cobblestone, Carved Stone, Chopped Wood, Clay Blocks, Thatch & Wood Log textures
  • Crude Shovel, Crude Hoe, Crude Knife objects added to the game
  • Vine Fence added to game
  • Texture adjustments made to Rocks, Crude Axe, Crude Hammer
  • Texture adjustments made to Crude Shovel, Crude Hoe
  • Reoriented and rendered several weapon and tool icons for better recognition
  • Fixed alpha channel bleeding that caused some trees to render with large seams
  • Added UI icon to distinguish game objects that can be placed as voxels
  • Fixed misaligned alphas on bamboo trees


  • Variations in recipes have been simplified to one type per recipe to fix some crafting issues
  • Resource drops have also been adjusted to match the recipe variation change
  • Farming added to the game. Certain fruit produce seeds when harvested that allow the growing of trees and vines
  • Growable objects set to obey rules of distance to other objects and amount of sunlight in an area
  • New tools added to the recipe list, Crude Knife, Crude Hoe, Crude Shovel
  • Prey AI added to the game; the goat
  • Hunting added to the game
  • New tables & table specific recipes added to the game; Fire Pit & Crude Workbench
  • Spears are now throwable in Survival Mode; T key toggles between melee and throwing modes
  • Stacking added to object inventory amounts in the player’s backpack
  • Cooking added to the game
  • Recipes cleaned up after resource variation changes and new recipes added for all new items as well as resource conversion and item recovery recipes
  • Vine Fence object placement refined so where the cursor is pointing, next object will be placed out from cursor and in the direction of the player
  • Crude Bed mechanic added to game; using the bed (with a right click) saves the player’s spawn position and causes time to pass in the world
  • Hunger levels adjusted to work with renewable food system


  • In Survival Mode, the “Z” key enters placement mode which allows for full rotation of objects when placing them.
  • Rudimentary pathing added for Critters
  • Hunger system added for Critters; system used to control and adjust AI behavior
  • Critter spawn system added to game
  • Critter death and loot drop system added to game
  • Critter alert/graze AI
  • Controllable Growth system added to game; trees & plants can use the grower script to grow over script controlled times as well as produce fruit and decay
  • Throwing system added for specific objects
  • Some objects can now pierce other objects when thrown
  • New animation pipeline in place to accommodate for looping animations
  • Fixed alpha channel shadow bug causing some objects to not render proper shadows
  • Model Viewer added(Currently 64-bit only)
  • Fixed numerous stablility issues
  • More functionality added to Modding API (See scripts in content folder for examples)
  • Cleaner Main Menu UI/UX
  • Numerous logic bugs fixed
  • Fixed sound not playing on breaking objects
  • Fixed sound not playing on breaking terrain
  • Fixed sounds not playing correctly on foot steps
  • Improved sound buffer logic
  • Improvements to the save system to account for objects having child objects

Known Issues[edit]

  • Current saves will no longer be valid
  • Proving Grounds has been temporarily disabled
  • Creative Mode server (and multiplayer) have known instabilities while we investigate improvements to networking
  • Some objects when placed inside of (or clipping into) the terrain can cause them to fall through the ground
  • Placing a torch pressed right up against a wall will an error pop up (which is recoverable), and the torch will be lost
  • Tools do not take durability damage from terrain interaction
  • Tool resource drops overlap
  • Tools overlap in functionality
  • Spears will stick if any portion of it hits
  • Mouse button 3-4 can’t be bound to actions
  • Fire Pit will light whenever a saved game is reloaded or if a player leaves a biome and returns
  • Using stacked objects in recipes can sometimes not allow the recipe to be crafted
  • Placing very large objects close to yourself can cause you to fall through the world
  • If you die in Survival Mode, the item in your hand does not drop
  • In Survival, Hunger, health, and stamina levels restore to full between game sessions
  • The shovel can only be picked up at the stone tip/head portion
  • Mushrooms and Crystals are displaying the wrong texture
  • Sometimes changes to a world do not load properly. Reloading the map should load the changes.
  • Stacked objects that are dropped using “Q” do not have a visual representation of the number of stacked items in the stack
  • Placing the Vine Fence using the right mouse button can sometimes cause the object to get stuck inside the player
  • Sprint cannot be currently remapped

5 June 2014[edit]

Build Number: 0.6.2

A Message from Ino

Hey guys… its finally here… we did it… kinda? Our first phase of the persistent, “traditional” survival is FINALLY in place. I am gonna go ahead and put a HUGE emphasis on first phase. We still have some bugs to work out, lots of recipes to add, some animations to tune and generally speaking, lots of stuff that needs to be refined. But the great news is, now that its here and you guys can mess about with it, we can iterate on it. Disclaimer, though, while Survival is active, multiplayer for Survival is not. We have a lot of work to do restructuring the networking stuff and follow up with a few system, but its on its way. Our arena type ish game, Proving Grounds, is still active if you wanna jump on a server with a few buddies and womp some faces, but for now refining the proving grounds will sit on a back burner a short while longer while we clean up networking and give some sweet sweet love… attention *cough* to Survival Mode in TUG. We still have some pretty big stuff on the way, like more modding functionality and new sparkly terrain gen and manipulation tools. So be sure to keep up to date and follow us on the twitters @Nerdkingdom. And if you are into what we are doing, or like what we are about, or want to help feed starving indies; tell your friends, share our work and maybe share some love, because why not? And also, ANY bugs you run across, PLEASE share them with us here (TUG Support Forums), its nearly the entire reason we are on early access, to get your help to make this game all kinds of not suck. And make no mistake, there will be bugs. If you have any general nerdrage or need some inspirational words or bits of life changing advice, feel free to follow me @inoritewtf. Disclaimer: advice… not so great.

xoxo ino

Please be sure to keep up with us on our development on our Trello Dev Board. You can read up on different aspects of development and other topics of interest on our blog.

Old save games will no longer work!


  • Red Root, Paddlesnip, Pakroot & Iceroot added to generation and set up with resources
  • Resources set up for the small and large mushrooms
  • Small sapling version of the fruit tree added to generation
  • Small bud and shoot version of the gourd vine and the berry bushes added to generation
  • New texture resources for building materials
  • Ponsai tree added to generation
  • Model representation for voxel blocks added for each terrain type
  • Models for fruit seed resources added
  • Crystal shard models added to represent each of the crystal resources


  • New refined voxel blocks for cobblestone, thatch & leaf patches
  • Survival Mode now active in the main menu; it is currently only a single player mode
  • New biome generation added specifically for Survival Mode
  • Jungle biome added
  • Swamplands biome added
  • Resource spawn rates and objects adjusted for the rock pebbles, the flint spear head and the knapped rock blade
  • The amount of time for a seed to become hungry has been extended to 3 in-game days for Survival Mode
  • The duration of stamina has been extended in Survival Mode
  • Crafting stumps and boulders added back into generation


  • Renewable fruit added to fruit producing trees, including the apple, orange, cherry, coconut & apple.
  • [Physics] Fixed an issue that would prevent the physical world from following the player.
  • [Physics] Fixed a stability issue with rapid terrain manipulation.
  • Fixed shadow alpha-transparency.
  • Fixed in-view culling issues.
  • Fixed additive particle “black-hole” issue.
  • Fixed bug where water existed.

Known Issues[edit]

  • If you starve and die in Survival Mode, tools will no longer work. So go eat some food to not die, but reloading the save should also resolve the issue.
  • Old save games will no longer function; the game will still attempt to load them but stall at 0 percent.
  • In Proving Grounds, the hit animation is not playing correctly
  • The default inventory button key will not close the inventory.
  • When a resource/object first appears it takes a second or so to load in
  • When your inventory slots are full, additional stackable items aren’t being added into any available stacks
  • Proving Grounds games don’t end correctly if new players join an in-progress game and stay in the lobby or spectate. Game will end if these players disconnect (and reconnect after the game ends)
  • Mouse button 3-4 can’t be bound to actions
  • Game can crash if USB headphones are plugged in while TUG is running
  • Saved World list doesn’t update properly after a world has been loaded/created
  • 32 bit and 64 bit clients cannot play with each other
  • Sprint cannot be currently remapped
  • Certain world generations have terrifyingly high/deep columns of ground types which can also cause large performance hits
  • Some special characters do not display properly when entered into chat
  • 3rd Person camera not fully functional; interactions are not working correctly; use only for viewing the seed
  • The staff cane attack animation isn’t synchronized to the actual hit and sound
  • When starting a game as a spectator you will be stuck as a spectator for the next game unless you exit the client and restart
  • When breaking down world resources spawned items can become stuck together and misbehave
  • Physics GPS is based from the camera’s position in the world - not the character
  • When cells are being generated there is a small chance that Physics will run out of triangles for that cell’s collision shape and cause a crash
  • Double jumping to get into fly mode is too sensitive / misses input
  • Player mass to world object masses has not been balanced. Many objects move like “styrofoam” giving the character an unhealthy amount of “Wrecking Ball” syndrome

09 November 2013[edit]

Build Number: 0.4.2063

Several new objects added to the game and biome generation

  • Maple trees
  • Winter maple tree
  • Several shades of aspens
  • Several variations of fruit tree
  • Several varieties of mushroom
  • Several variations of crystals
  • Bamboo trees
  • Fallen logs
  • Wooden stump
  • Vine resource
  • Several types of wisps
  • Apples, oranges, cherries, berries
  • Updates to the bush plants
  • Updates to trees across all biomes
  • Crude pick
  • Crude hammer
  • Crude axe
  • Shell scoop
  • Club
  • Updates to the textures and models for the gourd, gourd vines & boulders
  • Crafting table versions for the rock, altar & stump
  • Updating cave generation and object placements
  • Biome specific lighting adjustments for day and night have been added across all biome generation
  • Updated clouds and universal sky settings
  • Added new biome The Valley, occurs between the mountains and snowcaps biomes.


Animation updates for first person and third person animations of running, walking & placing objects.Animations can now layer together. For example, running and placing/removing can now play at the same time.


Recipes for some of the crude items have been added into the game along with the basic crafting system. Crafting requires a table plus the resource objects necessary to create a craft. Once all resources for the craft are placed on the appropriate table, pressing "G" will then activate the craft and produce a result.


We have started migrating some basic functionality over to our scripting engine. The most interesting one is we are now doing all of the logic for remove and place block over to lua. The functions that are called exist in terrain.lua


Some objects start with physics enabled. Placing these objects will automatically cause them to react with other objects and the environment.Pressing "Y" while holding an object, throws the object. Pressing "P", toggles physics to be activated. All objects have a mass and friction to them and will react accordingly to these values. The controls for placing items has also changed. To toggle between placing or not you will need to press "TAB."

Networking & Third Person Camera[edit]

Networking is functional, but largely untested at the moment. On many games, physics is simulated by the server and the clients are told what to do, but we don't have the luxury of the server running physics because it would have to have the whole world loaded and simulated, which will be a bit much. We are going to work on some way to sync client simulations. If you want to host a server you will need to forward the ports 6600 for TPC and 6601 for UDP. In preparation for networking, we have enabled a third person camera angle to test animation and other issues with the Seedling. To toggle third person camera mode, press "Ctrl+3".

Items in Player Hands[edit]

A handful of items can now be held in the players hands. Along with these tools/weapons being held, when you are holding a specific tool it can only destroy certaintypes of terrain. This is the beginning phases of basic gameplay with terrain interaction.

Known Issues:[edit]

  • Menu items are sorted in order than by grouping of type causing it to be out of order.
  • Occasionally the game will crash during generation.
  • Some players may experience not being able to see other playing during a multiplayer session
  • Only one multiplayer session will work per game run. If you connect to a session then try to connect to another server you will crash.

25 September 2013[edit]

Build Number: 0.3.1659

Art Changes[edit]

  • Added aspen trees with normal maps and color variations
  • Added joshua trees
  • Added normal map support for objects sharing UV space
  • Fixed texture seams on various objects
  • Changed rock texture
  • New palmtree textures
  • Added shadows and shadow opacity to pine tree, aspen tree, joshua trees, snowy pine tree
  • Updates to rock height to fix issues with biomes

Engine/Code Changes[edit]

  • Added "shadow intensity" to control how dark shadows from directional lights are
  • Removed constant shadow brightening
  • Darkened night time, changed moon light color, adjusted daylight ambient light
  • Good texture filtering is now used on the first two shadow cascades
  • Added support for animated model bone attachments
  • Emitter and attractor attachment to bones
  • Added conservative ConstantBuffer updating
  • Shadow optimizations
  • Rendering optimizations
  • Fixed view distance so it doesn't clip
  • Added some new texture samplers
  • Updated shader switched menu textures to bilinear filtering
  • Fixed an issue where particles weren't defaulting some values properly
  • Added settings for particles to tint textures per particle type. Currently there are two values for this, one adds to the color value of the particle and one multiplies it
  • Added particle sprite sheeting. Modified some stuff in renderer to allow point sampling in shaders to work -properly
  • Small fix for when data is mismatched in the particles.txt file
  • Small tweak to the way color values are read from the particle system's particle.txt value for color tinting
  • Altered speed for placing and removing
  • Desynced animation from actual place/remove events (it was too slow when bound to the animation)

Biome Changes[edit]

  • Adjusted terrain generation in the Mountains biome, added more snowy pine trees, the new aspen and adjusted the texture arrangements
  • New biome, Hidden Valley, occurs in between Mountain ranges, this is similar to some real world occurrences of a green belts found in countries like Switzerland
  • Aspen trees added to the Piney Woods biome
  • Rolling Hills biome now has dried up river and pond beds
  • Generation and texture changes for the Trenches biome, also added aspen trees
  • New generation for the Deep Forest biome, more rolling hills and texture updates
  • New generation for the Plains biome, larger patches of wheat and oats
  • New biome, Red Cliffs, added to facilitate blending into Bedrock biome, new cave structure generation added
  • Updates to the Bedrock biome, new Joshua trees added and height generation updated

11 September 2013[edit]

Build Number: 0.3.1549

  • Updates to the workbench and anvil objects
  • Snowy pine tree added to the mountains biome
  • Adding in first round of character animations, Idle, Walk, Run, Pick Up & Place
  • Updated shadow handling for objects

29 August 2013[edit]

  • New flower objects added, daises and daffodils
  • New tall grass object added
  • Updated terrain textures
  • New mesa biome added, generates past the current desert biome
  • New cactus added to mesa biome
  • Wood posts added for creating fences or other elements
  • Improvement to torch FX
  • Added environmental destruction FX
  • Improved textures on several existing objects
  • New shadow filtering. (No more blocky edges on shadows)
  • Particle lighting
  • Particles are now fogged
  • Adjusted and updated inventory icons
  • Anything placed on the hot bar is now saved as well
  • New object tools added to the menu

08 August 2013[edit]

  • Fix for sharing worlds created in 32-bit and 64-bit. Unfortunately this means old save files will no longer work.
  • Art pass on terrain
  • Added Normal maps
  • New particle effects for digging
  • Many particle system improvements and controls
  • Particle limits option in the Video settings
  • UI Hotbar now has pages (Shift-Up/Down Arrow to change)
  • Fixed multiple UI related bugs
  • Fixed a major crash with the Win32 version.
  • Various performance improvements
  • New world objects
  • New Loading bar
  • New Inventory background
  • New Hot Bar textures

27 July 2013[edit]

  • Fixed the crash when the game is minimized
  • Clamped the brightness when multiple light sources are near each other
  • FOV is now in the user_config.txt and adjustable through the console
  • Placement and removal key delay altered
  • Improved the search box functionality of the inventory
  • Clamped world name and seed input boxes text length
  • Fixed particle displacement during player movement
  • Fixed some issues where particles would detach from their objects
  • Fixed the crosshair turning off after falling long distances or moving too fast and beating generation
  • Updated default keybinds
  • Updated materials for underground generation
  • Fixed a crash when a biome has no caves
  • Cracks in the tunnels are fixed!
  • First pass of the new hotbar
  • For mods, you are no longer required to copy the entire Assets folder; the game will first check the working directory for any files, then fall back to the Assets folder. So if you change gameobjects.txt for example, you only need MyMod/Data/gameobjects.txt as your mod