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If you dig deep enough, you can mine Tin Ore, Copper Ore, and Coal in all biomes. They come only from breaking Ore-Bearing Stone Blocks. Unlike Cobblestone, the materials drop on the ground rather than appearing in your inventory, so you will have to manually pick them up.

Finding Ore[edit]

Below the surface terrain, the world of TUG is built in layers. The Ore-Bearing Stone Blocks are one of the deepest layers.

The layers, from shallow to deep:

You have to dig past the Gravel, Cliff Rock, and Gray Rock layers in order to reach Ore-Bearing Stone Blocks.

Note that in most biomes, you need to dig down in order to reach new layers. In the mountains, however, you can reach all the layers by digging horizontally.

Rock layers in mining tunnel.png

This screenshot of a horizontal mountain tunnel shows three types of underground rock: Cliff Rock in the foreground, a narrow band of Gray Rock next, and then Ore-Bearing Stone Block at the back. The tunnel floor is lighter in the layer of Gray Rock.


  • Mining is fastest with the largest block size selected. Use Shift with the mouse scroll wheel to change sizes.
  • Mine in the mountains so you can avoid creating stairs that require jumping.
  • You will have to leave your mine less often if you use Stone Age tools.
  • Dig a hole in the tunnel wall to hold excess Cobblestone, so you don't have to leave the tunnel as often to clear your inventory.
    Cobblestone disposal.png