Physical Combat

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Note: Combat is still in the earliest stages of development. More will be added to this page as it's announced.

Physical combat, the alternative to magical combat, is based on the use of weapons. Currently it's a very simple "click or be clicked"-style affair, as there is no means for blocking, parrying, dodging, or otherwise varying a hostile encounter. Players can attack predators, prey, and others in Single Player, or other players in a multiplayer setting.

Combat will vary based on several different weapon types and numerous skills that players will be able to learn. Inventory space will be limited, forcing players to only take what they need along with them. Because of this, it will be required to know the strengths and weaknesses of the weapon they choose in order to be effective in combat. Those that learn their weapon and its rhythm in battle will have an advantage.

Combat will use a skill-based system in which timing is key to succeeding. TUG hopes to eventually utilize real combat physics, making combat more exciting and challenging. There are not only plans to include many different types of weapons, but also defensive equipment such as shields.