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System requirements[edit]

Prior to downloading the TUG Alpha you need to check to see if your computer must has the hardware in order to be able to run TUG smoothly. While some players have reported playing the game using sub-minimum systems, you should expect poor performance, crashes, and other issues should you use under-powered hardware. These are the official specifications for TUG, although the recommend section is purely made by the suggestions of the community.

Component Minimum specification Recommended
Operating System Windows® 7 or 8 Windows® 7 or 8
Processor Quad-core Intel® or AMD processor  ?
Memory 4 GB RAM 6+ GB RAM
Hard drive 10 GB available HDD space 25 GB available HDD space
Graphics card nVidia® 4XX+/AMD 5XXX+  ?
Input Keyboard and mouse
DirectX DirectX® 11

If you have hardware that does not meet these requirements installing the game is not recommended as the game will either be unplayable and/or you will have extremely choppy gameplay.

An important note about DirectX® 11: your system may show that DirectX® 11 is loaded, but still not have full hardware support to play the game. To confirm this, go to Run, and enter "dxdiag" to open up the DirectX Diagnostic Tool. Click on the Display tab, and you will see information like this:


You must confirm that the Feature Levels (circled in red on the image) shows 11.0. If it does not, your hardware is not capable of supporting TUG.

Creating your Nerd Kingdom account[edit]

  • Nerd Kingdom currently has two separate accounts that can be created on their website.
  • The first account is for the forums found at Nerd Kingdom. This account lets users post to the forums, private message members, join and create groups, upload files to show of your Tug creations and has a profile page share some information about yourself.
  • The second Tug account is created by clicking a link sent to you via email after you have received your Tug Game Key. After logging into this second account users are able to download the Tug Launcher. This account login is the one you use to sign into the Tug Launcher in order to download and update your game.

Downloading and installing the game client[edit]

Running the game & optimization[edit]

Game files[edit]