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Server Modes[edit]

Servers will allow seeds to interact with others from across the globe. If you wish to join a public server, have a look here on the forums. There will be four different types of servers:


  • There are no artificial rules in place to protect you or your items; this is a world at the dawn of time and its evolution is based solely on its inhabitants.


  • Can be modded, run at home, shared with friends, or left to gather dust.
  • No “what if” here, no “always on,” nobody telling you how to play... and it’s only as terrifying as you want it to be.
  • Play the ultimate survival experience completely alone... or turn off the darkness and get creative!

Adventure (Not yet implemented)[edit]

  • Traditional RPG/MMO rules apply; items are safe, players are safe until they allow for combat to take place.
  • A friendlier place for online play.
  • Full control of your character’s appearance.

Private Servers (Not yet implemented)[edit]

  • Can be modded, hosted on your own servers, retextured, and turned inside out.
  • If you are not into the way the official servers are run or done, run your own!