Stone Age

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Stone Age technology is the first level of crafted tools and weapons. They are "crude" in that they are the weakest and most easily damaged of all tools and weapons.

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Stone Age Tools[edit]

Tool Type
Crude Axe
Crude Axe.png

Crude Hammer
Crude Hammer.png

Crude Hoe
Crude Hoe.png

Crude Knife
Crude Knife.png

Crude Pick
Crude Pick.png

Crude Shovel
Crude Shovel.png

Stone Age Weapons[edit]

Weapon Type
Bamboo Spear
Crude Bamboo Spear.png
Thrown Weapon

Cactus Club
Cactus Club.png
Blunt Weapon

Crude Knife
Crude Knife.png
Blade Weapon

Crude Slingshot
Crude Slingshot.png
Projectile Weapon

Crude Sword
Crude Sword.png
Blade Weapon

Poison Potion
Poison Potion.png
Thrown Weapon

Spiked Club
Spiked Club.png
Blunt Weapon

Spiked Staff
Deadly Crook.png
Blunt Weapon

Vine Club
Thorny Club.png
Blunt Weapon

Wood Spear
Crude Wooden Spear.png
Thrown Weapon

Stone Age Crafting Workspaces[edit]

Primary article: Crafting Workspace


Natural Resources and Foods (both poisonous and beneficial) that can be harvested with Stone Age technology:


Terrain blocks that can be broken with Stone Age technology:


Crafting recipes that require Stone Age technology to craft: