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Wiki Guidelines & Policies

A wiki that doesn't have rules and guidelines set out for its editors can result in a chaotic environment. This is why the administrators of the TUG wiki have decided to enforce a standardized set of rules that all editors should follow. Not following these rules will initially result in a verbal warning, but repeated offenders will have editing access revoked for a couple days until they read and understand the rules. If you have complaints or suggestions to the rule set, please direct those comments at the discussion section of this page.

Editing Policy[edit]

  • Under no circumstance is spamming or vandalizing pages allowed. If a user undertakes these actions, the blocking policy will be initialized and appropriate action taken against the user.
  • Search for existing pages on topics thoroughly before attempting to create your own. Duplicate pages will either be merged or entirely deleted.
  • If you do not agree with the naming of an animal, direct those complaints at the discussion page of the relevant article. Attempting to forcibly modify the naming schema without the general consensuses of the community will be dealt with harshly.
  • If you're uploading images to the wiki, make sure they comply with the Image Policy.
  • Using inappropriate words are strictly forbidden to be used on articles, discussion pages, user pages and usernames. This wiki attracts an audience of many different ages, so keep all the content clean from explicit cuss words. If you are unsure what constitutes as inappropriate, then contact the administrators.

Standards Articles[edit]

  • You can find information about Image Standards on the Image Policy page