The World

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The world of TUG.


The layout of each server, otherwise known as a floating island (or group of floating islands) is randomly generated upon their creation. Some will be one large island, others will be an archipelago of sorts.


The storytelling in TUG is rooted firmly in exploration and discovery. As a young Seed, you’ll begin exploring the world around you; you’ll encounter critters, explore caves, visit different biomes, and have to contend with day, night, and seasonal cycles. But as you explore, you will also stumble upon strange ruins, odd-looking statues, or shrines scattered throughout the world. By excavating, studying, or deciphering these mysterious items, you’ll be able to slowly start piecing together the backstory of the world of TUG... and all its secrets. You may find instructions for strange rituals or quests, or fragments of information on the history of the world, or crafting recipes for mysterious, advanced, or seemingly magical technology. These tidbits may be hidden in strange materials found buried beneath the earth, mysterious runes or glyphs on stone structures, abandoned temples, strange sounds you hear in the night or day, odd beings sighted from a distance that vanish when you try to approach them.