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Unimplemented Feature
The information on this page describes a feature that is not available in version 0.6.5 of the game.

A thaumcraft wisp

Wisps are creatures made of pure energy. Not much is known about the creation of wisps, but wisps are the manifestation of dead Seed souls. Wisps are stored within the stones on one of the Seed’s hands, and upon the Seed's death these creatures either sacrifice themselves to save (or kill in some cases) their owner or escape back into the wild.


Untamed wisps can also be caught in the wild via currently unknown methods. They are only visible at certain times of day, and are very elusive. The process of taming them has not been revealed.


Mechanics and behavior[edit]

Energy phases

Wisps play a vital role with the death system. Wisp act as the "soul" of every living thing in TUG. But for the player, it resides inside the Seedlings gem. Once your Seed dies, your wisp will come out and gather energy within a time limit. The effect that the wisp has varies depending on the energy level. With each death, the window on each level will be harder and harder to obtain( Death system not yet implemented).

Each death increases the speed of charge time. This means that over the course of continuous deaths, the player will eventually be unable to save their current form and have to restart as a Seedling.

Players will eventually be able to create or obtain special devices that will act as a sort of “back-up drive” for your accumulated physical stats; upon revival, you may activate this device to restore yourself to your former physical state. Certain companions may offer similar services, and players may eventually be able to learn these techniques themselves to perform on others.

Phase Description Effects
Dim Re-entering early while the wisp is still dim will cause your Seed to awaken in an extremely weakened state, far below the baseline for their current stage of life. It will take quite some time to heal and recover. Revive with low health and skill stats. Seed will lose all evolution traits.
Glow If you wait a bit until the wisp has accumulated a medium glow, when you revive you will be in a semi-weakened state. Many character-specific body changes will be lost, and your Seed will be reset to the baseline state for the stage of life they were at prior to death. However, you won’t lose learned skills... your body will be weakened, but you won’t have magically forgotten how to craft! Revive with some health and skill stats. Minimal evolution traits retained.
Bright This is the optimal window! Revive here, and your Seed will awaken in his or her prime state, no worse for the wear. Well, maybe with a couple new scars or bruises here and there. Optimal phase. Seed revived with no health, skill or evolution traits loss.
Overload Watch out! If TOO much energy is collected and the wisp becomes too bright, re-entry will cause the stone in your Seed’s hand to overload, destroying your Seed’s body and reviving them instead as a newly formed child Seed. Causes death of Seed.


Companion Death[edit]

All critters and companions in TUG also become wisps upon their deaths. If your companion has a high level of affinity with you, when they die, their wisp will continue to follow you around and act as a companion. You may choose to keep them as a wisp, or perhaps discover a way to return them to their former body or maybe even build them a new one.